David Plorins

Team Leader

Dave has been attending Impact for ten years and has been the Red School Team Leader for the past five.


By day, Dave is a Corporate Trainer who teaches classes in benefits administration and leadership.


By night (Wednesday nights), he is the Youth Minister at Van Meter Baptist Church where he uses his 20 years of experience in youth ministry to lead a fun and engaging youth group for kids in Junior High and High School.

David Livingston

Assistant Team Leader

As a follower of Christ since 7 years old, David loves serving God, the church, studying scripture, and praising God in music with his friends and family.


He recently got engaged to his best friend, Kristy, and they share a one year old cowboy corgi named Gus. David also loves eating tacos, jamming to music in the car, and leading music at his church in Kansas City, MO.


David was a student at Impact for 7 years and has served 5 years in leadership as both a Family Leader and Assistant Team Leader.

Our Family Leaders

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