Important Information

Family Groups


Your small group for the week led by an adult male and female "mom and dad." In your small group, you'll discuss what you've been learning in school sessions, chapel, ministry classes, and what fun activities you did that day! Each "family" becomes a tight-knit group throughout the week, especially as they put together as perform a skit for the whole camp!



There are "school sessions" throughout the week where you gather with campers in the same grade as you to learn, worship, and compete.

Your color is either Red, Blue, Orange, or GOLD.

Impact Rules

  1. TRANSPORTATION: When arranging transportation to and from Storm Lake, IA, remember that students cannot be transported to Storm Lake by Impact staff, as staff arrive one day earlier than students.


  2. Students must remain on campus at all times. No student is permitted to leave the college campus while attending Impact, unless there is written approval by a parent/guardian at registration. The approval MUST include the time the student is leaving, the person they are allowed to leave with, and what time the student will return.


  3. Students must attend all school sessions and activities. The only exception will be made for sick or injured students.

  4. Ill or injured students should report to the Impact Office. In the event of illness or injury, students will not be permitted to remain in the dorm room; they will be required to rest in the Impact Office or nurse’s office until they are able to return to Impact activities.

  5. Students will show respect to all adults and other students at all times.

  6. Students must respect the stated curfew each night, staying inside their assigned dorm room by the scheduled time each night.

  7. Items NOT PERMITTED on campus or at Impact:

    1. Drugs

    2. Alcohol

    3. Tobacco (any form)

    4. Vape paraphernalia

    5. Firearms

    6. Fireworks

    7. Electronic devices

      1. MP3 players

      2. Cell phones

      3. Gaming devices

      4. Radios

  8. DRESS: Students should dress in a way that is pleasing to God. Modest shorts (long enough to reach fingertips when arms are at sides) may be worn at Impact. T-shirts and other clothing should cover the body and display only words glorifying to God. Swimming shorts, shoes, and t-shirts must be worn in the swimming area; two piece swimsuits may only be worn with a t-shirt over it. NOT PERMITTED: sleeveless or midriff-exposing shirts

  9. Students must wear their own name tag at all times. Replacement fee: $1 for lost name tags.

  10. Room keys must remain ON the nametag lanyard. Replacement fee: $50 for lost key will be charged to the student.

  11. Public/Private Display of Affection (PDA) of any kind is not allowed,

  12. Under NO circumstances will girls be allowed in the boys’ dorms/rooms or boys allowed in the girls’ dorms/rooms.

  13. Students are not allowed to use campus phones or cell phones. Students should contact the Impact office in order to make a call. Cell phones are not allowed to be used at Impact. They MUST BE TURNED IN at registration. Students can request access to a phone in case of an emergency.

  14. Students must observe and obey Buena Vista rules and regulations. We are guests of the university and must abide by their rules and regulations concerning dorms, dining halls, and other facilities. Be respectful of college faculty and staff.

Impacting students so they can impact our world

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